Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SmartSurfaces302 hourly water fold


- Hydroponic solar garden by Amy Youngs and his collaborators

  • good idea about how to deal with water supply and drainage
  • inspiration about the helix form, to optimize the utilization of space (for tropical plants, many of them need at least 3 ft vertical space for growing

- hanging garden by Sao Paulo
  • economical and recycled materials like coke bottles 
  • simple hanging and connection system
  • flexible system easily to adapt to different sizes of plants

Project position: between the kitchen and living room, under the skylight 

Sun tracker to sun REFLECTOR: 
  • attach a mirror on the sun tracker
  • sun tracker would trace the location of the sun 
  • mirror would reflect the sunlight onto the plants

calculation of the mirror angel (16.4 deg)

Side view of the project, and people can pick up the vegetable when cooking.

But at the same time, this installation can also be a home decor and provide better view and green space to people.

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