Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ideal House midreivew

We just had the midreview for our ideal house project. And I like the comment by those critics. The conclusion is as follows:

1. I need to build a big model to show the interior space. Since my project is more about the view from inside to outside. But due to the spatial complexity, it is very hard to understand by merely drawings. I need to move inside the space, or show more inside shots to the critics.  My project is more about inside than outside.
2. I need to rethink and reorganize my story. Basically I have two different stories, one is the ambition to improve the family intimacy while the other is framing different good views by private space (bedrooms) for the communal space. But these two stories are not weaved together very well, or even, I am not sure whether they can. Craig likes the first story while Anca likes the second. But maybe Anca is right, that architects can not do too much about ideal family and the visual connection between the communal space and private space would only increase the the undesired suspicion and the thread toward personal privacy.
3. Rethink and redefine the poche. It seems that I considered poche as the panacea and threw any dirty laundry , such as circulation, mechanical and other unsolved space, into it. It is not right.
4.The slope of the house, 15deg seems to be too unpractical.

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