Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SmartSurfaces Final 203

After the review of our first iteration, my conclusions are as follows.

1. rethink our goal and direction. Solar water heating and community interaction are both good idea, but it might not produce desired result if we just forced them to be merged together
2. scale down the project. Maybe I misunderstood that Gina wanted big stuff, but in terms of our budget, time and ability, even a door/window size is good enough. Think of the scale of the projects in previous year.
3. rethinking of the projects/ideas from the first four weeks, dont start over with something brand new again
4. make prototypes and test them ASPS. I totally agree with this according to my installation experience, it always takes forever to go through the iteration and finally get work.

Also I am thinking of Garret’s idea about pumping the water. If we scale it down to a proper size installation without hurting the building, it might work. And I kinda want to continue the idea about human as energy source and pushing the community interaction into a productive and active way. Since all the other groups are dealing with solar energy, I guess and passive human interaction. It is good to have human trigger the sensor and then LED light or so, but it is better to have human provide the energy for those effect at the same time. And then we could also introduce some data collection system.

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