Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SmartSurfaces 402 light rotate seasonally

 We clarified the schematic system:

  1. sun tracker and solar panel to charge the batteries and power the whole system
  2. sensors, there are many options for us, but up till now, we would like to start from the most basic one- PIR
  3. outdoor LED landscape and indoor display
  4. signal processor, indoor ardurino/PC, connecting all the above components

Logic diagram (revised)

The project will be installed on the yard, and the first phase will be along the east edge, but it could be expanded in the future phase.
Plan view

We also designed the structure of one module. Placing the LEDs inside the concrete box/slab will protect them from theft.
detail of one module

sidewalk section (PIR sensors)

sidewalk section (LEDs)

The indoor display will be the aggregation analysis of the data received by the outdoor sensors. But we need to define the pedestrian behavior before.
Indoor display - your Marauder's map?

The cost estimation for the 1st phase is as follows.

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