Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IdealHouse 601 Tidal House

I continued with the communal/private space idea and extended its application from cube to other shapes, like triangle cylinder and sphere.

And I also was thinking of the correlation between Tue. smartsurfaces and Fri. ideal house. It is always hard to have a movable house since it costs a lot, but if we could use natural energy/force directly to maintain the motion of the house, that might be a good solution. So I came up the idea about tidal house, i.e. part of the house could be lifted by the tide and would change to the different water level daily. Then the internal spatial relation between the movable part and the unmovable part is also different. And I set the communal space i.e. living room and dinner room, as the movable part, while the private space i.e. bedroom and study as well as the poche space, as the unmovable part. So it means that on the ebb tide, you could see you kid's shoes from the living room, while on the high tide, you could see his/her face.

I made a DP model. The room with purple floor is the communal space and those with yellow floor are the private space inserted.

high tide

start ebbing 

keep ebbing

ebb tide

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