Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SmartSurfaces 401 light rotate seasonally

We really like this project improved by the last group, so we determined to refine the design instead of re-designing something new, keeping the security and interactive feature. But there are three different directions, so we need to pick up one of them and go deeper for it. After team discussion about the advantage and disadvantage of them, and realizing there is a corner yard in front of the longest facade, we finally picked up the last option. Since the corner yard is the private property belonging to the power house, which the owner might not want strangers to get close to. Thus the yard serves as the fence zone between the power house and the sidewalk. In option 1 or 2, most of the installation happens on the house facade, there is less opportunity for community interaction.
Option_1 LED band around the power house

Option_2 LED facade

Option_3 LED landscape

But in option 3, if we really put the LED lights on the top of the landscape, there will be security problem -  people might steal the LED lights. So we tried to embed the LED into the ground. We found a reference project "white noise white light" online, by  Howeler + Yoon Architecture

We think it is a good idea to blend artificial installation and natural landscape. Another good reason is no one wants to get into long grass, so long grass could serve as a good fence between private properties and public area, a buffer zone. 

Logic diagram 

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