Monday, September 19, 2011

SmartSurface102 seasonally rotate light

We are satisfied with the form of the spiral fan and try to refine the comprehensive design taking into account of  different components. First, we redefined our problem as optimizing the efficiency of utilizing solar energy and improving interior ventilation. Thus, we ideally planned to put the solar panels on the spiral strips to collect solar energy while rotating. But we had difficulty with making a rotating circuit, and finally ended up with putting the solar panels on the back of the framework. Second, we think it is a good idea to design a daily rechargeable smartsurface which collects solar energy each daytime and use it at night for lighting. In this case, the brightness of LED lights is determined by the sunlight status that day, smartly mimicking and responding to the nature daylight. Third, we made many draft models to test whether the whole system will work well. For the audurino part, Dylan and Branden built a circuit with a photoresistor which the brightness of the LED lights would respond to the environmental light. 

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