Thursday, September 8, 2011

SmartSurface101 seasonally rotate light

The inspiration came from this project: I found this when I typed our three words in google search:)

We plan to stack swirling cardboard strips to make the parabolatic curved surface and insert tiny LED lights on the edge of this surface. The surface can rotate along the central axis when the rotation of the LED lights produce another kind of "surface" as visual effect. Ideally we could use wind to push the surface to rotate and produce power to keep the lights on. So differenct wind speed or strenght in different season will influence the rotation of the surface and the brightness of the lights, indicating the "seasonally" factor. But this calls for some advanced techniques. For now, we could just settle down with battery for the light and wind for the surface rotation:) This surface is about 1'*1', and the whole surface will consist of 9 identical surface. We could also write a program to let those LED lights go on and off in an interesting way.

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